It may not happen over night, but eventually, electric vehicles (EVs) will be commonplace. There’s a number of potential hurdles: technological cost, lithium cost, availability of charging stations just to name a few. But regardless, the EV movement pushes forward.

In British Columbia there has been a variety of programs designed to benefit sustainable modes of transportation.

Clean Energy Vehicle Program: This incentive program offers either $5000 or $6000 depending on the type of car you buy, whether its electric, hybrid, fuel-cell electric or hydrogen fuel-cell. The only down side to this program is as of March, 2016 – there’s a cap of $77,000 MSRP – which means that Model S you have been eyeing isn’t eligible.

Electric Vehicles & HOV Lane: I hate traffic. Conversely, I love using the HOV lane. Due to current regulations I can’t use it unless I have two or more people in

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

my vehicle. With this British Columbia government designed program, you can apply and receive a sticker to use the HOV lane as a single occupant EV driver. That’s a damn good incentive if you ask me.

According to BC Hydro, British Columbia has almost 1000 EV charging stations. This number will surely continue to grow as the adoption of EVs continue.

With a growing number of charging stations, government incentives for purchase, HOV benefits for single occupancy drivers a potential to save money and the environment in the long run, it makes a lot of sense for British Columbians to move towards EV vehicles and away from fossil fuel based transportation.